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Storing Figs

Figs are fragile and is often difficult to find a perfect unmarred fig. However, the slightly wrinkled (but still plump) and even split figs  (as long as they are not weeping or leaking) are ready to eat. 

A slight bend at the stem and a little weariness to the skin both indicate better ripeness and are the most succulent. Figs that are taunt and firm with shiny skins are not ripe.


Fresh figs are perishable so if you on eating them within a day or two of buying them they will keep best at room temperature with plenty of air circulating around them. However if figs are not eaten immediately they should be kept refrigerated.

It is recommended that figs are stored at 32 to 36 degrees F or

0 to 2 degrees C. Under ideal conditions, fresh figs will store for as long as 5 to 7 days.

Freezing Figs

Fresh figs can be frozen in a sealed bag or container for up to 6 months. There is no cooking or blanching required beforehand. However, they may be sweetened, cooked and puréed before freezing to serve as toppings for ice cream, puddings and other desserts. Freezing will change the texture and the figs will be much softer when thawed. They are very good, but you can simmer them in a sweet or savory liquid to serve.

Preserving Figs

Preserving fresh figs is an 

alternative to freezing. For instance making a fig jam is a good way to enjoy the flavour after the fig season is over.

There are many recipes on the internet. Or preserving figs in a sweet, spicey syrup is anofher way to extend the life of figs. There are many interesting recipes on the internet.

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